The Secret Wardrobe

Bespoke Heirlooms

Deep in the beautiful Wye Valley hidden from view, Chris Lewis, an artist and jewellery designer has turned her hand and small studio to making beautiful bespoke creations. Chris graduated from Hereford College of Arts last year and formed her own small business, The Secret Wardrobe, making  exclusive pieces that reflect the essence of their owner.


Her latest venture is an exquisite miniature wardrobe handmade in solid oak with tiny hinges and its own working lock and key.  Chris works with each customer to reflect the essence of that person and their family.  She makes each object with that person in mind.  Once created, the completed wardrobe can be displayed and handed down from generation to generation, being added to each time or kept as a time capsule of the original owners thus creating a visual and unique heirloom.


For further information, prices and enquiries please contact Chris Lewis on 07885829316

wardrobe face IMG_3511 GIRAFFE