The Secret Wardrobe

Things aren't always as they appear

Living in the beautiful Wye Valley is an inspiring location. I have drawn and sculpted for years but it wasnt until my children started growing up that I found myself able to turn back to art. I signed up for a one year Portfolio Course at Hereford College of Art and was hooked.


I became involved in metalwork during my time on the Portfolio Course at HCA where, for my final piece, I designed and made a secret wardrobe. This is a multi-faceted piece starting with encoded messages metal-etched into the double doors, a specially designed key to open the lock revealing family secrets inside. There is also a secret drawer at the back with hand-written messages in sealed envelopes from my family. The entire contents of the wardrobe relate to family members and reflect what is special about them. Everywhere you look there are more secrets. This is an individually designed piece which reflects hours and hours of work and, hopefully, draws the viewer in to investigate more of the depths of the piece.


Chris Lewis BA (Hons)


















the secret wardrobe mummy

Chris Lewis Designer